From hating the gym to fit and healthy!

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I started working out and getting fit in 2013 the first time. In this phase of my journey I hated working out. I hated going to the gym. It was a place I was unfamiliar with. It was a place I was intimidated by filled with people that I was intimidated by. I used to think people were staring at me and judging me. I really hated seeing guys I thought were cute or girls who had the body I thought I wanted.

I remember I used to workout in the furthest corner of the gym I could find just to attempt to be out of sight of other people.

I know some of you reading this are like YESSSS I DO THAT TOO!! This article is for you, friend.

Fast forward to 2019 – 6 years into my fitness journey. My confidence has made a complete 180. I have found a whole new level of empowerment in the gym.


How did I do it?

Honestly, there is no secret sauce. There is no special process or fancy formula for me to share with you.

But here is what I can tell you ??


1. Be persistent and consistent. Keep showing up. Confidence comes with time and familiarity. Quitting will most definitely NOT help your confidence. .

2. Educate yourself. There is a ton of empowerment in education. Educate yourself on workouts, proper form, best practices for your goals, etc. Listen, this can be very time consuming. Getting a trainer will give you all the education and proper programming without the brain work frustration and time spent. Other than the time it takes, you might just not be interested in figuring out the science behind working out and how to design your own program.. and that’s okay!! Seeking the help of a trained profession -like a trainer – can help you with this as well.

3. Find *people* who will support you and guide you. This is not just one person. You will need help from multiple different kinds of people along your journey. In the gym, out of the gym, friends, strangers, professionals, trainers, workout buddies.

No one is self-made, friend. We are all made by hard work and support!


If you need help finding your confidence in the gym or making the proper workout for your goals, message me! If you need help seeing better results or being held accountable, message me! I am here to help ? You can reach me anytime at

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