3 Common Nutrition Mistakes I See on a Regular Basis

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There are 3 common nutrition mistakes that I see being made on a regular basis. Are you making these mistakes?

Let’s dive right in, what are these mistakes I am talking about?

1. Not being consistent

A lack of consistency is one of the worst things you can do. A lack of consistency is: going back and forth between different diets, gaining weight and losing weight, binging and restricting, anything that is back and forth and up and down. Our bodies strive on consistency! It is not about being perfect or finding the perfect diet, it is about being consistent. Find a workout plan or a nutrition plan that you can stick to long term, that is sustainable and realistic. Extreme diets that promote a lot of weight loss up front or that cut out whole food groups do not usually promote long term consistency. So what can you do to be consistent? Don’t worry about being perfect or staying 100% on track every day. Just worry about being consistent. Keep a similar routine day in and day out.

2. Not taking responsibility for what you eat – or don’t eat

Every time you eat you make a choice. Every time you restrict yourself, it is a choice. It is time to take responsibility for what you eat! I see a lot of people making excuses for what they eat – emotions, situations, or other people. This is the wrong mindset – you chose to eat x, y or z. Your emotions didn’t force you to eat it. Your friend didn’t hold you down and stick it in your mouth. This goes for healthy and non healthy options! You chose to have a salad over a hamburger. You chose to binge on Monday night. It is time to improve your mindset and improve your relationship with food by accepting responsibility for what you eat – or don’t eat! When you start to do this you will start to see in improvement in the choices you make, which will ultimately lead to a healthier life and better weight loss results.

3. Not being prepared

This includes meal prepping, but this is not all it means. You need to have a plan for your workouts and for your nutrition. Be prepared to go to the grocery store with a list of what you need. What are you going to eat each day? Without a plan and without food ready, you are likely to make unhealthy choices for whatever is easiest. Let’s be real, we are humans and we like easy. So, make it easy for yourself and have a plan. Have food ready in the fridge.Lastly, this includes eating out. Do you have a plan for when you eat out with friends or family? You should!! Saying you’ll never ea out is ridiculous and I would never suggest it. Eating out is fun. It is social ad I encourage you to have fun and be social, but you can remain consistent to your plan at the same time. My number one tip for eating out is having a “go to” meal. A meal that most places will have that you know will keep you on track. For example: grilled chicken and veggies of some sort or lean beef and veggies.

**Bonus tip for eating out: when in doubt, leave the starchy carbs out.


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