3 ways to create balance today

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Balancing your work, your family, your health, your wealth, your social life…. holy ? that’s a lot to balance, right?!

A big part of what I coach to my clients as a part of their weight loss program is balance. Most people don’t even realize the need for creating balance in losing weight. It is important to balance your time so that you can take care of your responsibilities but also to make it to the gym. I

Some days it seems impossible, I know, but it is possible and you can achieve balance.

Here is a good place to start:

MAKE A PLAN – plan your work time, your meals, your down time, your finances. Plan it all and stick to said plan as best as you can. It doesn’t mean you have to be planned every minute of every day but  just “winging it” ain’t cutting it, boo boo

AVOID EXTREMES – just like how I coach my clients to eat…. everything in *moderation* No working all the time or playing all the time – do both in moderation. Moderation applies to your workouts and your eating just the same.

BE OKAY WITH IMPERFECTION! – shit happens, life gets crazy. Your ducks will NEVER be all in a row and that is OKAY! Do something, just one thing every day that will propel you forward. If your day doesn’t go exactly as planned – that’s OKAY!


A balanced life is a happy life ❤️


Need help finding and creating balance? Message me at coachsarah@gem-fitness.com

Your weight loss journey does not need to consume your life!


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