3 workout hacks for busy women

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Girl, I know you are busy! You are over here trying to run your business and take care of your family. I see you!

It is easy for you to let your own daily self care to come last. I used to be in the same boat.

Even though it is hard and we want to let our businesses and our kids and our significant  others to come first, we must put ourselves first from time to time so that we can fill our own cups.

You have heard the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” right? Right.

So how do you fill your cup without taking much time?

  • shower regularly (if you aren’t a business owner this might not resonate with you LOL)

    get a quick 30 minute workout in

  • do some journaling
  • eat well and often (stop skipping meals!)
  • get some sleep


Working out is last on the list of priorities for a lot of women who are busy serving others, BUT I am here to tell you that you need it! You need the stress relief, the energy boost, the “me time”, the health…. all the things.

There are ways you can exercise regularly without taking a lot of time out of your day.

Here are 3 hacks to get that workout in as a busy woman:

1. get a walking desk (or at least a standing desk). Sitting all day is not doing you any favors, it is only making your problems worse, so get a desk that promotes standing or moving and get some exercise in without even leaving your work.

2. If you are sitting…. sit on a yoga ball instead of a desk chair. This will engage your core stabilizers. This will also help eliminate back pain and promote better posture.

3. Go for 10 minute walks. Schedule for 10-15 minute breaks in your day and go for a brisk walk! This will give your brain a break so that you can go back refreshed AND it will burn some calories AND give you some much needed stress relief …. leave the phone in your pocket or at home!


These are not hacks that will fix your whole life and help you to drop all the unwanted weight overnight, BUT it is an excellent way to incorporate healthier habits into your life that will give you noticeable results in your weight and in how you feel with energy and mood.

This is a great place to start or to re-start if you are feeling stuck.

These 3 things should be paired with a regular and INTENTIONAL exercise program and balanced custom nutrition plan.

Need help with guidance support and accountability in your exercise and nutrition plan? Want me to send you custom workouts and or meal plans? Email me today, friend!



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