8 Weeks to GROWTH


This is a new and innovative health coaching program by Gem Fitness that will give you an unmatched level of accountability

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Attention women who want to have more energy, more confidence, and more accountability to show up!

8 Weeks to G.R.O.W.T.H is a new and innovative group coaching program by Gem Fitness that will give you an unmatched level of accountability to

  • have more confidence in your body
  • wake up in the morning with more energy
  • finally keep your promise to yourself to get healthier
Yes, I want this!
This program will teach you:

  • the proper exercise routine for YOU, your lifestyle and your goals in a way that you will love and that will not take too much time
  • healthy, sustainable eating habits so that you can ditch the BS diets, stop feeling guilty about the way that you eat, and actually stick to it for the foreseeable future
  • to get unstuck in your mind, to work through your limiting beliefs so that you can experience self acceptance, more self confidence, and start loving what you see in the mirror.

All of this without ever stepping on the scale, without stepping foot in the gym (if you wish because ya know… #covid #nothanks), and without any toxic diet culture bullshit.

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, and or tone up, this program will help you do that. Just know: you are going to get out of this program WAY more than just the physical stuff.  The physical part is cool and it’s important, but how you FEEL is even more important.

This program is built on the Gem Fitness G.R.O.W.T.H Method, but what the hell is that anyway? The GROWTH Method was developed to layout the pillars needed to living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle

  • G – goal oriented workouts
  • R – rest and recovery
  • O – optimal consistency and accountability
  • W – water and hydration
  • T – training your brain
  • H – healthy eating

This program is all inclusive and takes a holistic approach which means we are going to give you coaching, support, and accountability in workouts, nutrition, and mindset.

We got you covered, boo!

What you get

  • Unlimited access to all live workout classes & replays with the Gem Fit Squad instructors (we currently have 5 instructors and 14 classes over 6 days) — value $194
  • Nutrition coaching (overseen by RD) — value $350
  • An accountability coach — priceless 
  • Live training from guest experts to help you with your workout program, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. — value $1200
  • Weekly check-ins — value $350
  • “Prep week” (basically a week to get your shit together so you can have everything set up and ready to go) — value $299
  • Group coaching calls for education, accountability, community, and support — priceless

Total value $2043 (plus the priceless stuff lol)

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Over $1200 of value in guest expert training

  • Jenna Carelli – managing priorities, personal boundaries, and all the sh*t you have to juggle as a woman, mom, entrepreneur so that you can show up for them and yourself
  • Briana Ottinger – perfecting proper workout technique to get more out of your workouts
  • Selina Chan – how to eat healthy and balanced without any toxic diet culture BS
  • Evelyn Huynh – identifying and squashing limiting beliefs so you can get out of your own damn way and start showing up as your higher self
  • Lauren Megan – stepping into and balancing your feminine and masculine energy (and we will teach you what the hell that even means, too)

Meet your accountability coaches!

Now this part is pretty freaking cool. We have 2 accountability coaches that will be running their own accountability teams for these 8 weeks. You can pick whose team you want to be on after you enroll or we can pick for you based on what we think would be the best fit for you (based on goals and personality usually). Don’t worry, regardless of what team you are on, you will get the same program and the same support and accountability. You will just have your own “go-to person”.

Sarah Gemmell


I am Sarah! I am the owner of Gem Fitness and the founder of the Gem Fit Squad. I am going to be your accountability coach for this program! WWWOOOOO !!!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in psych, which I used to work as an addictions counselor before making the transition into the world of fitness.  I have absolutely loved working in fitness in a way that I can also combine my expertise in psychology and behavior change for the past 4 years.

I strongly believe that in order to see the best physical results, to feel your absolute best and happiest, and for it to stick there has to be a holistic approach. You can workout all day long and eat perfectly for every meal, but if you neglect the mindset work and what goes on in your head, you will not make meaningful changes and they really will not last.  Same goes for mindset… you can do all the mindset work in the world but if you don’t move your body and eat well, it means nothing.

I also strongly believe in balance. I am the coach that will tell you to have the damn cookie, just not the whole pack every night. I will never shame my clients for what they eat or missing a workout. I am way more interested in helping you create a balance that works even when you miss a workout or have a meal that isn’t exactly super clean.

I pride myself in being compassionate, authentic and a giver of a tough love (with an emphasis on the love part). This means that I will be here for you no matter what, but I will not baby your self-limiting patterns and I will keep it real with you, so that you can have your best breakthroughs when working with me.

I cannot wait for you to join my team!!

Briana Ottinger


I’m Briana, a personal trainer, health coach, and your Booty Bootcamp Instructor at Gem Fitness. I’m so excited to be your accountability coach for this program!!

I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Arizona State University, am a certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Triathlon Coach. I started my fitness journey a little later in life, but it’s never too early or too late to start healthy habits!

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with a holistic approach, by working to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Having a strong and fit body is good, and having a strong sense of self-worth to go with it is even better!

As an introvert, I’ve struggled to take up space, both in my body and in other areas of my life. Fitness helped me feel more comfortable in my body and taught me how much it’s capable of. The confidence and discipline I learned also helped to improve my mindset and my self-esteem helping me be more assertive in other areas of my life! There’s no better program with one on one accountability and losing group support than Gem Fitness!

I’ll help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs, and guide you through every step. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results as soon as the first week!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much of a time commitment is this?
    In short, not much at all, BUT you will need to commit time. You cannot make changes to your physical and mental health without putting in weeerrkk. Your daily mindset routine will take less than 10 minutes (usually 6 min), you will workout a minimum of 30 minutes three times a week and the guest expert trainings are 1x per week for 60 minutes (give or take). Guest expert trainings only happen for 6 or the 8 weeks. Group coaching calls will also take 30-60 minutes, but will happen 2-3 times throughout the program.
  • What if I cannot attend a workout or training LIVE?
    Don’t worry if you cannot attend live. Replays for the workouts and the trainings will be available exclusively for the members of this program.
  • I have tried virtual training before and it wasn’t for me, what makes this different?
    We totally understand this. There is no other program out there like this one. We offer a one of a kind program that is built specifically to fill the gaps of other virtual programs.With that being said, this is not a program where you will be left to your own devices with no support and no accountability. You are getting real time coaching, a ton of support, and an unmatched level of accountability in the 8 Weeks to GROWTH.You will have to work and you will have to show up for yourself (we cannot want it more than you), but the Gem Fitness team and your accountability coach will be there to support you in real time for 100% of the program.
  • How long are the workouts?
    Workouts vary from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. Most are 30-45 minutes. It is extremely flexible and you can complete your workouts from anywhere. There is also no commute time, no getting caught up chatting in the locker room, and no dropping off or picking up kiddos, so your overall time spent is less than going to a gym or studio #WINNING
  • What kind of workouts are offered?
    We offer a wide variety of workouts (because we both know how important variety is) to include cardio based classes and strength based classes. You can see our most updated schedule here: gem-fitness.com/free-schedule
  • Can I pay in smaller installments instead of all at once?
    Heck yes! We have a very flexible payment structure to help fit all budgets. You can pay in full, pay monthly, or pay bi-weekly.
  • If I sign up now, what will I get before the start date?
    We officially start on August 31, but the sooner you sign up the sooner you can start attending workouts and we will also give you some action items to get you started in preparing for the program start.
  • “I get overwhelmed easily and when I do I tend to not do anything. Can you help me to decrease my overwhelm instead of adding to it?”
    Our goal is to make this as simple and as effective as possible. We are going to give you the exact blueprint of what you will need to do so that you are not overwhelmed or confused and so that you end up frustrated. We are also giving you live, real time coaching and support to help you work through those feelings of overwhelm. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) overwhelm is your anxious brain blowing things out of proportion, so it can help you have a qualified individual to give you another perspective and a butt ton of support.

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