How I went from unhealthy and depressed to the healthiest I have ever been

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I used to never workout or eat right.. like ever. I am not kidding. I was petrified and completely intimidated by the gym. I was uneducated about nutrition and ignorant to the fact that it mattered. I was also depressed. I did not have good confidence. I picked my body apart from time to time.
Fast forward a couple of years and here I am the healthiest I have ever been mentally and physically.
How the heck did I manage that?
There is no secret sauce, friend.
But I will tell you what I did because I got you! I want you to feel your absolute best – physically AND mentally!
I decided I needed to make a change in my life so I could feel happier and more satisfied. — you can’t fix a problem you aren’t willing to admit you have.Sounds simple right? It is. Simple does not mean easy, though.
I started with the small stuff and started absorbing all the information I could. I made myself coachable because clearly what I was doing on my own wasn’t working ??‍♀️
I showed up and I did so consistently and persistently. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about not giving up. I became stronger than the “fuck it’s” Most successes are in fact due to persisting through obstacles and consistently showing up.
I asked for help. I asked my family my friends my coworkers my coaches … whoever honestly. I am not afraid to ask for help because successful people ask for help… because asking for help doesn’t make me a failure. It is quite the opposite actually. I am successful because I have had help!
I surrounded myself with a supportive community. This one has been a game changer! It is nice to know there are like minded people that understand what I am going through
I starting working on my mindset and my mental health just as much as I worked on my physical health. Everything you do (or don’t do) starts and ends with mindset and how you speak about yourself and to yourself. I had to get my head right to really see the changes in my life .
Changing your life to become less depressed, to lose the weight, to have less anxiety, to better handle stress, to make more money, to help more people is NOT easy but it is simple.
Follow the above steps consistently and I am willing to guarantee results.
If you need help getting on track and or staying on track, message me (coachsarah@gem-fitness.com) ❤️ I am here to support and guide you and hold you accountable .

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