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8 Weeks to GROWTH

A sustainable weight loss program for women who want to get healthier and feel more confident in their body through movement, anti-diet nutrition, and meaningful mindset coaching.

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An online life and fitness coaching program for women who want to:

  • Get and keep the weight off
  • Feel less anxious and stressed out
  • Feel more confident and comfortable in their body
  • Heal their relationship with food
  • Recover from being a people pleaser and stick to boundaries better

Does this sound like you?

After purchasing a bunch of different programs, attempting to DIY your health and listening to all the advice from internet influencers, you are tired of feeling anxious and uncomfortable in your body. Always having to restart a new diet, and ultimately beating yourself up for not succeeding at this whole health and fitness thing.

Your current weight loss program is pieced together using a little bit of YouTube, Instagram, and pieces of those random programs you have paid for (and haven’t used).

Some common mistakes you may be making (or have in the past) when trying to lose weight:

  • cutting out carbs and sugar
  • over investing into shakes every month without the proper coaching
  • eating less, over restricting (and becoming hangry and moody AF)
  • skipping the mindset work – not identifying and working through the thought and behavior patterns that are really holding you back
  • piecing together Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram without any real customized strategy
  • not having the proper support in place for accountability

8 Weeks to GROWTH will help you work through all these mistakes.
You will learn exactly what you need to do to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle so that you can get the weight off and keep it off for good.

Your success is 100% possible and you are 100% worthy of giving it another shot.

You know that once you get yourself healthy, get a hold on your anxiety, and gain more confidence you will finally start to feel healthier and happier. Once you start to feel healthier and happier you know that you will be able to show up better in your life and for the people around you.

Diets, overwhelm, low energy, and poor confidence no longer have to be part of your life.

You deserve to:

  • Get the weight off for good
  • Set and stick to your personal boundaries (and to release people pleasing behaviors)
  • Reframe your thoughts and beliefs so that you can manifest the life you want
  • Eat healthy without bullshit diets and without over restricting
  • Stop self sabotaging yourself, your success, and your happiness
  • Stay motivated and consistent no matter what life throws at you

8 Weeks to GROWTH is an 8-week nutrition and mindset program for working women who want to lose weight, feel more confident in their body and just overall feel healthier again.

This program is deeply rooted in learning how to eat healthy without a diet and getting your mind right so that you can enforce your personal boundaries and stop self-sabotaging your success so that you can maintain your results way past the end of the program. This is for women who feel stuck and who need help getting started or restarted.

“I love that you didn’t give up on me, but you also didn’t baby me”

Jerri L

“If you are not sure about joining 8 Weeks to GROWTH, ask yourself: how have you felt without it? Now think about how you will feel with a supportive team behind you 100% of the time. The end result in 8 Weeks is GROWTH! You will feel more motivated, more energetic and more alive than ever before!”

Christinna K

“Getting out of the rut and joining 8 Weeks to GROWTH is the best decision I have ever made for me!”

Stephanie V

The GROWTH Pillars

Goal-Oriented Workouts
Not all workouts are created equal. We will teach you exactly which workouts you need for YOUR goals
Rest and Recovery
We will require you to rest for the sake of your physical and mental health. Not one of our programs encourages intense movement 7 days a week.
Optimal Consistency and Accountability
You won’t make it very far without showing up consistently or without having the right accountability measures in place. We got you for both.
Water and Hydration
Staying hydrated is so important for organ function, fat loss, brain function, skin health, and curbing cravings. And so much more. This is a major key in living a healthier life.
Think Different
You cannot expect to solve a problem with the same thought and behavior patterns that created the problem in the first place. Your issues with workouts and nutrition are almost always an issue with your thought and behavior patterns, so in order to be more consistent, you need to think different, which we will teach you when you join any of our programs.
Healthy Eating
We are going to teach you how to eat healthy without cutting out carbs, sugar, chocolate, pizza, or tacos. We teach you how to find a healthy balance of eating for health and eating for fun. We are also going to help you get rid of food guilt.

Phases of 8 Weeks to GROWTH

Phase 0: “Onboard and Detox”

When you secure your spot early, you will get access to a longer onboarding process and a guided, healthy detox the week before we officially start. *This a bonus phase that is highly recommended*

Phase 1: “Get Your Mind Right”

Learn how your subconscious works, how to rewire your thoughts and beliefs, how to actually stick to your boundaries, stop self-sabotaging AND how to release people pleasing behaviors.

Phase 2: “Nail Your Nutrition”

It’s time to release the stress, guilt, and shame you feel around food, sis. You will get the science side and the mindset side of nutrition in this phase. Learn how to eat without a diet and without restricting. Learn how to be more consistent, identify triggers, cope with emotional eating, and more.

Phase 3: “Keep the Momentum Going”

You know when you start a program and you’re all excited and motivated like “YAS LET’S DO THIS!!” then, next thing you know, you’ve lost the motivation and you have started to self-sabotage before it’s over?? We are going to help you get re-motivated so that you can finish the program strong (and just finish at all).

Phase 4: “Sustainable Success & Maintenance”

This phase is all about implementation. This includes the last few weeks of the program, but it also includes *after* 8 Weeks to GROWTH ends. You will not be “done” at the end of the 8 weeks, you will just be getting started, so we will make certain that you have the tools and the support to be successful long term, even after the program is “over”.

Meet the Experts

"Enforcing Boundaries to Reach Personal Goals"

Dr. Candace Anthony

Dr. Candace Anthony is a clinical therapist and coach dedicated to helping owmen build and enforce boundaries that allow them to live life aligned with their personal values. She encourages women just like you to be the truest form of themselves by identifying their ideal self and making the connections necessary to help bring this version to fruition. She has spent the last 15 years in the mental health field, guiding clients in learning healthy emotional and social responses to their mental health and wellness. Now, she uses her professional knowledge and personal experiences to The Boundary Project, delivering the same benefits and impacting more women, including you!
"Stop Self Sabotaging!"

Sarah Gemmell

Sarah Gemmell, founder of 8 Weeks to GROWTH, is a personal trainer with a background in counseling and a degree in Psychology. Sarah believes that losing the weight is cool and all, but what really matters is how you FEEL. For real changes in your body, you need to address what is going on in your head. Sarah loves to talk to women about hwy thye self sabotage so that they can get in front of it moving forward.
"How to Eat Healthy Without a Diet"

Mary-Catherine Le Bosserie, MPH, RD, LDN

Mary-Catherine LaBossiere, MPH, RD, LDN is a registered dietitian and the owner of Busy Babes Nutrition. She started ehr career working in obesity and diabetes clinical research in Boston. While working there, she earned her Master's in Publish Health. Mary-Catherine then transitioned to working in behavioral health, where she learned the role of nutrition in managing our mental health. Mary-Catherine is now a full-time entrepreneur who helps busy women love their bodies and develop healthier relationships with food. She is passionate about making nutrition easy, fun, and sustainable. In her free time, she loves being active and exploring the outdoors with her husband and their dogs.
"Reframe and Rewire Your Subconscious Thoughts"

Chudney Jordan

Chudney Jordan is a MIndset + Business Coach who helps spritual women who are coaches that want to build a successful online business design and execute their highly profitable and impactful business plan. She helps you clarify a plan and strategy for solid foundations in your business, conquer your fears to master your mindset, take massively confident action as the expert you already are.
"Identifying Triggers of Unaligned Eating"

Laura Folkes

Laura Foles is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who supports busy adults who know what they should be eating but have a hard time sticking to it by helping them get to the bottom of why they self-sabotage so they can radically transform their relationship with food. She ensures her clients don't feel deprived so the journey is more enjoyable and sustainable.

What You Get

As part of 8 Weeks to GROWTH, you will get:

  • An accountability coach 
  • 5 live trainings with our experts (replays will be available, too) 
  • 3 small group Q&A calls with your accountability coach
  • Weekly check-ins via email 
  • Accountability emails AND texts to keep you on track throughout the program
  • An amazing and supportive tribe of like-minded women
  • A meal plan and nutrition coaching (overseen by an RD) 
  • A custom workout plan

  • You will get access to all 20 of the live, weekly workout classes that happen inside the Gem Fit Squad membership, so that you can eliminate all guess work and brain work from your workout program. Our classes are virtual and offer accountability, motivation, and form correction. 


  • Register before April 12 to get free access to Phase 0: “Onboard and Detox”
  • First 5 women to lock in their spot by registering will get a free Gem Fitness suspension trainer (valued at $99) 
  • Interest free payment plans available

“The team behind 8 Weeks to GROWTH made it easy for me to succeed. It is real people giving you real answers and advice.”

Dani S

“When I joined Gem Fitness I was at my wits end. I was mentally drained and my anxiety was the worst it’s ever been. After time with Gem Fitness I started seeing changes in my anxiety and in my body. For the first time since the pandemic, I felt like I could breathe again.”

Kaitlyn S

“This is the most consistent I have been with a fitness program EVER”

Hannah B

We’re taking 15 new clients in this cohort

This is for you if:

  • You are feeling stuck and unsure of where to start in health and fitness so that you can feel better
  • You have tried programs before that under deliver on their promises… the psychical doesn’t last… the coach becomes less and less invested in supporting you… you end up in a cycle of beating yourself up, thinking you’re the failure
  • You are dealing with anxiety, stress and overwhelm on a daily basis and it is holding you back from being the healthiest version of yourself
  • You are struggling with consistency and accountability when it comes to your workouts and your nutrition 
  • You want your coach to give you the exact blueprint of what you need to do so you don’t have to use the brain power to come up with it on your own

“The coaches are amazing. They actually care, you won’t get lost in the muck like you do in so many other programs.”

Stephanie V

“Within the 8 weeks, my biggest win was learning to love myself, to rewrite my own story, to hype myself up on good days and work through my emotions on my bad days”


“It’s only week 3 I am down multiple inches all over and my pants are fitting looser!”

Peggy H

Are you ready to get healthy for real this time and to finally feel better?

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What is the investment for this program?

There are different levels of investment based on the level of support you need. When you apply, if we decide you are a good fit, we will get on a call together to go over your investment options. Payment plans are available.

What is the daily commitment?

On a daily basis you are looking at committing 10-60 minutes (depends on the day and your personal plan). This is a program that requires work and dedication, but we also don’t want it to be soooo overwhelming.

Will I get a meal plan?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. We will not be giving you a plan of eat this much chicken and this much broccoli. You are going to get something much better — the empowerment and education to learn how to make your own food choices. We will teach you exactly how to eat healthy and how to choose meals and snacks, you will even get a super fun cook book. Our goal is to teach you long term skills that you can carry on forever.

How often do I have to workout on this program?

This is totally based on you and your goals. Workout plans will range 2-6 days a week and 10-45 minutes in duration. We do not have any of our clients working out 7 days a week as we do require 1-2 days of recovery to keep your risk of injury lower and to create  a healthy balance.

Will I get access to the Gem Fit Squad workout classes?

Yes ma’am!! You get access to all 19 live classes a week, so there is 0 guesswork and 0 brainwork on your part in your workouts. All you have to do is schedule based on your workout plan and then just show up and follow the workout the instructor gives you that day (each class will be different to keep in interesting since it is live)

What foods am I not allowed to eat on this program?

No such list exists. We do not require you to cut out ANY food. We may have you eating less of the less nutritious food, but you will NOT restrict or be deprived on this plan. Oh yeah, and its all real food, too. No bullshit replacements that taste like cardboard.

Do I have to weigh myself?

Absolutely not. We have found that the scale means absolutely nothing, yet it causes so much anxiety and other issues with mental health. For that reason, we do not ask for weigh ins… ever. The scale is not serving you. It is only hurting your mental health and leading you down the path of self-sabotage when it doesn’t move the way you want it to.

Is tracking macros required?

Tracking macros is a really good option for eating healthy, but it is not required. If you find that tracking macros does not work for you, we will teach you another method of healthy eating that fits your lifestyle and works better with your mental health.  If you find that you prefer to track macros, we will give you a custom macro plan and make 1 adjustment (as needed) throughout the program.