Being a perfectionist was holding me back

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I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist (anyone else?!). I used to think this was a good thing when I was in school and when I was interviewing for jobs as an employee for someone.

*Cue interview voice*

“Ya know, Stan, one of my biggest downfalls is that I am a perfectionist”

My college career prep professor would have been so proud.

What I am realizing outside of school and corporate America is that my perfectionism has actually been holding me back.

When I first working out I would skip the gym if I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do or if I didn’t feel 100% prepared.

When I first realized I needed to eat better I put off taking action foreverrrr because I didn’t know exactly what to eat… or how much to eat… or when to eat it. Things weren’t perfect. Things weren’t ready which meant “it can wait until it is ready. Maybe tomorrow”

We have all been there right my perfectionist friends?

So clearly, things have changed for me. I have gotten myself into a consistent workout and nutrition program. I have started and am managing my own business. So, what changed?

Girl. Mindset.

My mindset is what changed.

I remember someone years ago brought my attention to the fact that by waiting around for perfection I was getting nooooowhere. I had to come to a realization that imperfect action leading to only some results, imperfect results, slow results (whatever it is honestly) was way better than farting around getting no results at all.

Chances are if you are reading this far,  you are like the old me. You feel me right, sis?

The perfectionist in you is holding you back, too.

But it is time to realize that while you are waiting for everything to feel perfect the opportunities to move the needle forward, to start losing weight, to start feeling more confident are flying right past you.

A lack of action gets you nowhere.

It is time to let go of your perfectionist ways (…well some of them) and get really comfortable with messy action. I am talking like shit your pants, messy action.

You are enough. You have enough. It does not need to be perfect (because let’s be real it is never perfect)

You are a bad ass bitch. Act accordingly, girlfriend.

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I cannot wait to hear from you!


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