Can you enjoy a drink and still lose weight?

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Okay, girl, listen up. I know you love your wine. Hell, if you are like me you love your tequila. I also know that your favorite fitspo is telling you that you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol if you want to lose weight.

WELL. It is time I became your favorite fitspo because I am here to tell you that you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink without sacrificing your weight loss results.

Now, there is some more information to consider.

Back in college I was drinking 2-3 nights a week (and I was enjoying more than a couple drinks… lol). What I found from this lifestyle is….

  1. When I go out to drink I LOVE to eat fast food. Typically I can resist but after a few drinks I am hitting that drive thru and getting all the things and eating it at 3am…. yeah, gross, right?
  2. The morning after a night of drinking leads to one of two things… I am either dragging ass and not getting to the gym at all OR I am getting to the gym (still dragging ass) but hardly working out at all

I realized this was holding me back from hitting my health and fitness goals, so I made a decision to put the drinking on hold. I did stop drinking completely for a time. In the last year I have started drinking again, but I try to limit my drinking to 1-2 drinks total per week, but on average I am drinking every other week. (I also skip the drinking because I prefer to drive)

This is the same philosophy I take with my clients. I do NOT restrict my clients and tell them to never drink.

The key to drinking without sacrificing your results is MODERATION – in frequency and amount.

You can do the same thing, friend. Unless there is an underlying issue with addiction, you can most certainly enjoy your favorite wine and still lose weight.


**If you do have an underlying issue or concern with alcohol, you should 100% abstain from alcohol and drugs.


If you want help getting better, long lasting weight loss results while still enjoying your life, your favorite food, and your favorite alcoholic drink… message me friend! I am currently excepting clients into my 90 Day Weight Loss Program that is completely online and is hands down my most successful program. I will give you completely custom workouts every week with a custom meal plan and weekly check ins to help hold you accountable so that you can do this thing the right way. Please feel free to message me for more info coachsarah@gem-fitness.com. I would love to chat!

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