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As a personal trainer and weight loss coach, there is one thing I hear all the time. “Sarah, I am just not motivated! I need more motivation!”

Sound familiar?

I used to say the same thing… shit, sometimes I still do. 

Here is what we need to realize, though. We are always being motivated to act or to not act. This is the psych geek coming out of me now, but here we go. We have to understand how the brain works in order to change behavior. You feel me?! 

First, let’s define motivation. “Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what causes you to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge.” Behind each of your daily behaviors is some kind of motivation. 

You are motivated to wake up to go to work in order to reduce the risk of getting fired. 

You get up off the couch to get yourself food because you don’t want to feel hungry. 

You go to that appointment you have scheduled because you already paid and don’t want to lose the money. 

You go out with your friends because you crave social interaction or because you want to maintain your friendship with that person. 

You get my point, right?

Motivation is broken down into 2 types: intrinsic and extrinsic.  Intrinsic motivation comes from within. You do it because it makes you feel good, satisfied, accomplished, etc.  Extrinsic motivation comes from outside of yourself. This refers to money, prizes, rewards, praise, recognition, etc. 


I want you to take a second… like right now. Grab a pen and pencil or write in your notes on your phone. What motivates you to do certain things? You want to eat better and workout more. You want to lose weight or tone up. You want to feel healthier and more confident. Cool. PERFECT. You are in the right place. 

What motivates you to act on these things? Is feeling accomplished enough of a motive for you? Do you need some kind of extrinsic motivator?

Write these down. (This is not the “one thing” I referred to in the title of this blog post, so just bear with me)

Once you identify what motivates you, you can make a plan to put those things into place. For example: if you are extrinsically motivated by knowing you will lose money if you don’t show up (this is so me!), start paying a coach to get your ass into the gym. This can be done virtually or in person believe it or not!

Now here is the secret sauce. 

 Here is the ONE thing you can do to really motivate yourself.

ACTION. Do something. Do anything. Just DO. 

The best motivation is seeing results. Those results can be a feeling of accomplishment, feeling more confident, seeing the weight come off, having more energy… it doesn’t matter. When you start to see something is working, it is motivating to continue. 


“BUT Sarah… I am not even motivated to start!” 

Well, my friend. If you followed that will prompt I gave you above, you have already started. 

So many times we overwhelm ourselves with thinking about the big tasks and then we get scared and we say we “aren’t motivated” and then we don’t do it. 

Stop overlooking the small stuff. Start small. This will build the momentum, the confidence, and the motivation to continue onto the bigger tasks.

I use this all the time. 

I am laying on the couch SOOOOO unmotivated to do what is on my to do list. First, I give myself a pep talk like “hey you bad ass bitch get to work!” LOL but then I start with the smallest simplest task I can think of. I answer an email. I stand up off the couch. I put on workout clothes. I drink a glass of water. I make a to do list. 

99.9% of the time this works to get my into the groove and gets me going. Once I have started, why not keep going? Starting is the hardest part!

And guess what?! 

You have already started by being here, by reading this far, by doing the little prompt I gave you. 

Keep this going. Keep the ACTION going. Make yourself a list of 3-5 SUPER simple things you can do in the next couple of hours (seriously…. Write that down. Right here, right now).

You can set yourself up for even more success in your weight loss journey by taking action right now to schedule yourself for a free 30 minute consult call with me. It takes virtually no time, no investment, and very minimal effort – WIN!

Worried about talking to me on the phone? You shouldn’t be because I am awesome and nice and here to serve you BUT I totally get it, too.  You can always start by emailing me at coachsarah@gem-fitness.com

Don’t wait though. Do it now before you get busy or sidetracked. Do it while you’re here.

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