Four simple ways you can increase accountability

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As humans, we all struggle with accountability at some point. It doesn’t matter if it is business or fitness or even cleaning the house. There are some things we are very self-motivated to do and we can do them without accountability from others, but there are certain things that get done better and more efficiently (or maybe they just simply get done) when there is another person checking in like… hey did you do ____ yet?

Before I hired a coach I was trying to hold myself accountable and I was using my friends and family for some accountability. I won’t say it didn’t work because I was making a little bit of progress. I was checking things off my to do list…. But…  here is what I did notice after I hired a coach to hold me accountable. I was farting around way less. I was checking more things off my to do list in much better time. Before it was “this can wait until tomorrow” but then it turned into “well, yeah, it can wait but I know Jenna is going to ask me if I got it done so I better just do it.”

I have been working for a long time working on  my own accountability – finding what does and does not work – as well as helping create accountability in my clients’ lives. 

There are two types of accountability, similar to the types of motivation. You can be held accountable internally and/or externally. Internal accountability comes from within. Ultimately you make all of your own decisions. You decide to answer the phone, to contact the coach, to go to the appointment, to fill out the free worksheet you downloaded… etc. External accountability comes from another person. This is someone else shooting you a message saying “hey, don’t forget” or getting on the phone with you every now and again to chat about what you have done and what you will do in the future. In some way, there is another person checking in with you. In my opinion you need both to be successful. 

Here is what I have found to work well for increasing accountability. These ways include internal and external accountability. 

The 4 simple ways to increase accountability are.. 

1. Write down your goals (and look at them regularly).

Have you ever heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind”? Well, that is a saying for a reason. There is truth behind it. Your life is busy, you are busy. Things get crazy and life happens. When you don’t look at something regularly, you tend to forget them or push them to the background of your life. If you position you goals to be in a place where you will see them every single day… it will push them back to the forefront of your mind every time you see them. The more you think about your goals and how much you want them…. The more likely they are to happen.  Ways to do this: make a vision board, have a goal sheet in your wallet, hang a note to yourself on your bathroom mirror, use the background on your phone to post your written out goals or a virtual vision board. Do not be afraid to share your goals! The more you share them, the more likely they are too happen. Let’s be real… no one wants to fail publicly right? So make your goals public and use your fear of public failure as fuel to keep pushing to those goals.

2. Use an accountability tracker.

You can create one or download the Gem Fitness accountability tracker for free here. An accountability tracker is something that has what you need to get done on one side and has a place for you to check off when it is completed. This really simplifies your life by making it very black and white – you either did it or you did not do it. You can look at this tracker like “I killed this day” or like “oh shit I need to get it together.” If you are anything like me, my friend, you love the feeling of checking things off a list. That simple act of checking a task off is increasing your accountability. 

3. Get an accountability partner (friend or family member).

This is a tricky one because it can be awesome or it can be a total flop. Hopefully after reading this you will feel more confident in forming the successful type of partnerships with family and friends. One major benefit here is that is free. One major downfall, though, is that they very often do not work. Your friends and family are great people and I know you love them, but in situations like this both parties have to be equally as committed and equally as active in holding the other person accountable. Something I can tell you with absolute certainty is that when there is no exchange of money, there is no skin in the game. When there is no skin in the game, it is easier to blow off. If you blow something off that is free, what are you losing? The aversion to losing money (that we all have) is no longer a motivating factor when things are free or super cheap, which in turn decreases the value of accountability. There is always a time and a place, though. Try to form these relationships as best as you can. Set a schedule. Discuss expectations and goals for the partnership. It is my opinion though, that you do not count on these types of partnerships as your sole means of accountability. They do best when mixed with other means. 

4. Work with a certified and qualified coach one on one.

I am going to keep it 100% with you here (like I always do). This is the best and most effective way to hold yourself accountable. When you invest in the right coach they will always be there for you when you have something scheduled. They [should] always follow up with you, even when you are not initiating. You are paying them, which means they have skin in the game. They have made it their mission and their job to be there for you and to hold you accountable. You are paying them, which means YOU have skin in the game. Remember that aversion to losing money? I know you work hard for your money, so you aren’t going to run around investing in a coach and/or program and then wasting the money by not showing up, AMIRITE?! Group programs are great if you are self-motivated and just need an extra push, but if you are really struggling to find your motivators and to hold yourself accountable I suggest signing on as a one on one client with the coach that you choose is the right fit for you. When it is one on one you cannot hide. I know that sounds scary, but you probably need it, so #sorrynotsorry. (If you don’t know me yet – I promise my tough love is heavy on the LOVE part) 



There are 2 things that set Gem Fitness apart from other weight loss programs. First… ME. Being you is your superpower, right? Well, being me is mine. I was made to serve women like you. I love building relationships with my clients. I listen. I meet you where you are at. I believe in tough love, heavy on the LOVE. I get real women real results. The second thing, is the amount of systems I have in place to hold you accountable. Now, it is up to the client to open the email… to answer the phone… to schedule the appointment.. They do have to meet me halfway in order for this to work, but I have created these systems that allow me to be very hands on with my clients. There are no other programs out there that even compare.

I would love to chat with you more about your goals. I would love the chance to help you increase your accountability so that you can see meaningful, sustainable changes in your life. The thing is, though, that if I don’t know you need my help, I cannot help you. So, I would love for you to schedule a free 30 min consult call with me. This is totally low-key and informal and there are no strings attached. The goal of this call is to make you a personalized plan and to see what the best way to move forward is for you. 

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If you are on the fence about getting on the phone with me it is totally fine! You can shoot me an email and we can chat virtually first. You can email me directly at coachsarah@gem-fitness.com

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