Get ahead of the game for 2020 with these 6 simple tricks

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Welcome back.

The New Year is an awesome time of year to get your shit together and start losing the extra flab you have, but could do without. A lot of fitness professionals and other people on social media love to complain about New Years resolution time and the folks who take advantage of the new year to change their life… Not me, though! I love this time of year. I love seeing all the women who go into the New Year ready to embrace more health, more wealth, and more happiness.

 We are in an interesting transition week, though, my friend: the week between Christmas and New Year. Kids are off of school. Routines are waaaaay off. Most people at this point have decided to wait until next week (Jan 6 or 7) to get back to their normal routines or to start implementing change in their lives.

There is nothing wrong with taking time off, in fact, I encourage it. It is needed. But, think about this. If you take a whole 2 weeks “off” to not exercise and to eat like an asshole… how far back will that put you? How much *more* work will you have to do come next week to compensate for 2 weeks of “fuck it”?


Here are  6 simple things to put yourself ahead. Best yet, they will not take away from your holiday season and they won’t cut into your family time. 

But, what they will do is:

  • Put you ahead
  • Set you up for success
  • Make it easier to get back on track come next week
  • Get you better and faster weight loss results


Enough of my blubbering. You get this is important. You’re smart. I see you over there. So here is what you can do this week to put yourself ahead:

  • Write out your schedule for the week. No matter how “off” or how hectic it may be, write it down. By putting it on paper it will become more organized and less overwhelming, It will also allow for you to add in some things you need to do for YOU 
  • Write down your goals. This is a great time to write your yearly goals. What will you accomplish in 2020? What do you need to do monthly, weekly, and daily to achieve this big yearly goal? What are some realistic goals you can set for yourself this week?
  • Set a goal to workout at least a few times. It probably won’t be perfect. It may not be all pretty and Instagram worthy, but it is a hell of a lot better than skipping it and storing those calories as fat right? #JUSSAYIN. 3x this week for 20-30 minutes at home, would be great!!
  • Drink a ton of water. How simple is that?! To drink more water costs almost nothing and takes virtually no extra time out of your day, yet it makes a huge difference in your health and weight loss. If you aren’t getting enough water, you will not be burning fat very efficiently.
  • When you aren’t out at a party or holiday event or NYE party… eat well. This is the perfect opportunity to create balance. You do NOT need to eat like an asshole all day, everyday just because it is the holidays or because you are “on break.” Ya feel me?
  • Get the weight loss program that is the best fit for you set up and ready to go for next week (or you can start this week if you are really serious *wink wink*). I don’t suggest a self study program if you are just starting or starting over. This  is a crucial time in your journey where you need support, guidance, and accountability from a certified, professional coach. Save yourself some time by picking one and signing up now so you are all set up and ready to crush it ASAP. 


The Gem Fit Squad will help you with all of the above, plus some. The Gem Fit Squad is a one of a kind, weight loss group coaching program for busy women. The Gem Fit Squad will give you workouts, nutrition, and the accountability to actually follow through. This is a 100% virtual program that allows you to do it whenever you want, from wherever you want. You schedule your workouts for whenever works for you. You complete the workouts from your home, your gym, or the hotel at whatever time is best for you. Sign up today to get 10% off your first month and to get a complimentary private coaching session with ya girl. Click here for all the deets and to get registered

Don’t wait, girlfriend. The Gem Fit Squad is closing its doors on January 20, 2020!! 🙂


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