Is it a CHEAT meal or a TREAT meal?

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We have all heard of CHEAT meals, right?

Cheat meal is when you get to be a human and enjoy a meal that isn’t on your diet or meal plan. Some coaches and “fitspos” say “no cheat meals ever!” Other people believe that you can have a cheat meal one time per week.

Here is the thing, though.

Since the time we are born we are told “cheating is bad.” We all know cheating is bad. This creates a negative association in the brain with that term. We then feel bad or guilty or ashamed for having a cheat meal because after all – it is “bad”!

When I am coaching my clients to eat better and to change their diet and their relationship with food they never get a cheat meal….

They get a TREAT MEAL.

A treat meal is a meal my clients get to enjoy once a week where they get to eat whatever they want. Here is the catch. My clients’ treat meals are part of their plans. They are supposed to have a treat meal. It is not “cheating” on the plan. It is PART of the plan.

This changes the entire brain association. There is rarely a negative association with a “treat.” Treats are good! Treats are rewards.

Remember: if you stick to your meal plan all week and you exercise the way your supposed to – you are completely entitled to a treat meal! You are not doing anything wrong. This one meal will not make you fat or unhealthy, just like one salad doesn’t make you healthy or fit.

Also remember: don’t go every single day not following the program like, “Sarah told me I can enjoy a treat meal” “I deserve this treat meal (even though I didn’t workout or eat right all week)!”

LOL ^^ not the same thing. Sorry 😛

Changing this one word, this one phrase, can really change the whole trajectory of your mindset and relationship with food.

If you are currently struggling with guilt or feeling ashamed about “cheat meals” I urge you to start calling it a treat meal and make it part of your plan (1x a week).

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