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Questions about Your Account?

If you want to upgrade your account — Please email with your account email and the plan you’d like to upgrade to.

If you want to downgrade your account — Please email to notify the team of your wish to downgrade. Let us know which level you are currently at and which level you would like to switch to.

*Please note: this should be done with 2 weeks notice so that we have enough time to make the changes before your next payment. There is no guarantee for notices less than 2 weeks. There are no refunds, your account gets switched over to the lower level on your next payment cycle.

If you want to cancel your account — you must give 2 weeks written notice via email to and you must be through your commitment (or in your 14 day grace period). Cancelations can only be done via email and MUST be 2 weeks notice. If your payment is due in that 2 weeks, your account will be charged and canceled for the following month. If you have not completed your commitment, please check your membership agreement for policies on this.