Should you be lifting weights to lose weight?

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Welcome back, friend!

One question I get A LOT: “Should I be lifting weight if I want to lose weight? I don’t want to get bulky!”

This is a very legitimate concern for a lot of women, which is why I find it important to address.

For starters – lifting weights will not make you bulky. As a woman it is very hard to “bulk up” even when it is intentional, so you will not just stumble upon being bulky 🙂

Lifting weights and strength training (often synonymous) are a crucial part to a effective weight loss program. Strength training means anything that puts resistance on the muscles to overload them, which forces them to adapt and get stronger. This could be body weight (resistance comes from gravity) or bands or weights or machines. This could be barre class, personal training, CrossFit, or even some yoga flows.

During your strength training session you are burning calories (duh, right?), but what about after? Did you know that your body continues to burn calories from this session for up to 24 hours after training? That is pretty dang impressive! Cardio will only burn calories for a couple hours after (if any at all).


So, while both cardio and strength training are important to lose weight, my opinion is that if you only have 30 minutes to workout you should spend those 30 minutes strength  training. If you want to get some cardio in there while you’re at it – cut your rest time. Go through the movements quickly but with control and rest as little as possible in between sets. You could also add some jumping jacks or high knees in between sets.

In short, YES you should be lifting weights. NO, it will not make you bulky.

Get to lifting, friend!

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