The truth about free or cheap at home workouts

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Everyone and their mother is posting at home workouts right now. They are live streaming their workouts for you to follow. They are giving away free or super cheap workout routines for you to do.

This is all great. Seriously, no shade here. I think it is wonderful that people are feeling generous and want to help other people.

BUT. There is a big but here (and not the good kind)

Just because something is free or cheap, does not mean it is a good idea.

Just because someone looks fit or follows a fitness routine or talks a good game, does not make them a trained fitness professional.

These programs are amazing and so helpful if you are someone who can hold yourself accountable to show up, push yourself throughout the workout, and complete the workout without anyone watching you.

These programs are also amazing if you are someone who is properly conditioned (from working out consistently prior to starting) and working out with absolutely no injuries, no pain, and no pattern compensations.

If that is you… keep using these free and cheap workout programs. They are more than likely a great fit for you and I have no doubt you will do amazing by following it!

If you…

Struggle to hold yourself accountable

Find yourself skipping reps or sets because no one is watching

Get 5 minutes into a 20 minute workout and want to quit

Are de-conditioned from being off track for a little while

Have an injury or chronic pain

Have some kind of muscle imbalance or pattern compensation (most humans do)

… You are not going to benefit from a free or cheap workout video or PDF and worse, it could actually lead to an injury.


Here is why:

Free and cheap workout programs are not coaching programs.

Watching someone on FB or IG LIVE gives you ZERO accountability. They don’t know and don’t care if you don’t show up. They don’t know and don’t care if you quit half way through.

The program was not made with you in mind. It was not designed to accommodate your body, your fitness level, your injuries, or your needs.

Participating in a workout that is too advanced for you or that includes movements that are risky for your bad knee, achey back, or sore shoulder will most likely lead to an injury (and injuries lead to falling off track and learning to dislike working out)

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