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How It Works:

Step 1

Choose if you want a strength, cardio, or yoga class from the list below

Step 2

Then pick the specific class within that category

Step 3

Pick the day and time that works best for you and complete the registration prompts

Step 4

Check your email for the Zoom link and attend your class

What Makes Gem Fit Squad Different:

  • Live and interactive coaching experiences. We will be coaching you and supporting you through your entire workout (just like an in person training session!)
  • Accountability. you will get an appointment for class, which means HELLA accountability. You will get reminders for class and the instructor will notice and care if you don’t show up
  • Small class sizes. We keep our classes small so that you are always a person, not just a screen name. We want to coach you and talk to you directly.
  • Individualized attention. With the GFS you are a person, not a number. We will help you modify the workouts to your fitness level, your goals, and your equipment
  • Form correction. If you choose to have your video on during class, the instructor will keep their eye on you and give you form correction when needed to help you work out safer and more effectively.
  • No more skipping reps and sets! You know how when you’re on your own you start skipping out on sets and reps? Maybe distracted by laundry or your dog or whatever… Yeah, not with the Gem Fit Squad! We will keep you on track through the whole workout!

Choose the Class You’d Like to Try

Click on the category to see class descriptions and what equipment is needed for each.

Trial classes are only $10 with no commitment!

Because our classes are live, real time with the instructor, the schedule may vary slightly week to week.

If the schedule doesn’t work for you, contact us and we’ll help you find a class that works.

Strength Classes

Booty Boot Camp, Strong N Toned Arms
Total Body Tone, Barre, TRX class

Yoga Classes

Recovery/mobility flows
Power/strength flows

Cardio Fitness

Zumba, TwerkIT, Twerk Cardio, LIIT


Kickboxing, TurboKick

Gem Fit Squad

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment do I need?

Our classes use minimal to no equipment and our instructors will be on live with you for the whole class, so we can help modify the workout to fit what you have available. 

Twerkout is a dance fitness class that requires no equipment 

Strong N Toned Arms and Booty Boot Camp require some kind of weight for resistance. You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, bands or household items for weights.

Barre/HIIT uses light weights (1-5#) and sometimes bands are used, but made optional. If you don’t have dumbbells, water bottles work really well for barre.

How long are the classes?

The Gem Fit Squad classes range from 20-45 minutes, but most of our classes are 30 minutes. We keep it short and efficient; plus you have 0 commute time! We know you are busy, so we will have you in and out.

What if none of the above days/times work for me?

That is totally okay! We actually have more class times and more class types than what is listed here, so feel free to contact us at to request the full schedule.  We have a very wide variety of class offerings so that there is something for just about everyone

I can’t decide! Which class should I take?

This is totally up to you and what your goals are. We suggest considering: what do you enjoy doing? What is something that would be new and exciting for you to try? What are your goals (weight loss, toning, overall health, get stronger)?

If you are currently doing a lot of cardio, try a strength class (arms, booty, or barre/HIIT) 

If you are looking to make cardio more fun, try twerkout. 

If you are currently not working out and are open to anything… take your pick! 

All of our classes are amazing, you cannot go wrong, but if you do want help picking a class just shoot us an email at and we will help custom pick a schedule with you.

I am a little nervous about being on video

That is totally okay and totally normal! Being on video is always an option. We encourage you to be on video so that we can coach you and give you form correction – this is what makes us so much different than a YouTube video, but if you are just not feeling it on your first couple of classes, start with the video off and build up to having it on. When you join this program, it is all about YOU and what YOU need. It is not about you fitting into some cookie cutter mold.

Can I be successful in the program if I have an injury or chronic pain?

We have built a couple different resources on how to manage pain and workout with injuries, but the most important part is picking the right classes and workouts (which we help you do once you’re in) and making sure you notify the instructor of the class of your injury or pain so that they can give you modifications. This is what makes us so much better than YouTube and pre-recorded videos. We can see you, give you personalized modifications, and we will be checking your form to decrease the chance of making pain worse.

Questions? Need help?

Contact us, we are happy to support you in any way that we can!

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