The Gem Fit Squad Membership Program

A holistic group coaching program that helps busy, working women to build and sustain momentum and healthy habits through online workout classes, anti-diet nutrition coaching, and a shit ton of accountability!

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Jumpstart your fitness, boost your energy and gain more confidence by becoming a member of the Squad!

This is for you if…

  • You want to be more consistent with your workouts and healthy eating
  • You were doing really well, but then life happened and you have been struggling to get back on track 
  • You know what to do, you just need some accountability to actually do it
  • You are ready to be done winging it in your workouts so you can feel more motivated and see better results
  • You want to tighten and tone, get stronger, improve your overall health, and/or lose fat

A truly holistic fitness program

Inside the Gem Fit Squad you will get the workouts, the nutrition, the mindset AND the accountability. Here is a little more about what that means specifically for you.

The Workouts

We offer you one-of-a-kind online workouts classes where we can see you, we know and care if you show up or not, and we are there to support you and give you hands-on, personalized coaching throughout the entire class. Our classes will give you a lot of accountability and a major sense of community.

These classes are real-time coaching experiences where you are a real person, not just a screen name. 

No more skipping sets or reps or walking away mid workout!

You can do these classes from home, from the gym, or while you are away!

Can’t make a live class? At the Premium Level, you can access the on-demand workout library at any time to compliment your live class sessions! This is perfect for when you need a little more flexibility in your schedule.
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Anti-Diet Nutrition

We provide you with resources and group coaching calls so you can learn how to eat healthy without a diet.

Anti-diet simply means that we will never ask you to under eat or to over restrict. The list of food you are not allowed to have in this program does not exist. We teach you healthy balance, moderation, and healing your relationship with food.


Here’s the deal, friend. When it comes to building healthy habits and to being more consistent… having more energy and more confidence… all the things… workouts and the actual food you eat is just a small piece of your success. 

The real thing that has been holding you back is your own mindset. This is actually a really good thing because the power to change it is 100% in your hands!! In order to get motivated, in order to build discipline, in order to stick to your plan consistently and not self sabotage your success… you must first understand the root of your thought and behavior patterns. 

In the Gem Fit Squad, you will get access to resources and group coaching calls that will help you to identify your current thought and behavior patterns so that you can learn what changes YOU need in order to be the most successful and the most consistent in fitness. 

Did we mention our CEO, Sarah, is a former addictions counselor who LOVES to geek out on Psych and the subconscious brain?!

Group Coaching Calls

We know that the biggest thing missing in a lot of those other online fitness programs is that there is little to no accountability or coaching. You basically get a cookie cutter program to have fun figuring out on your own, which let’s be real…. Doesn’t work for everyone. 

The more effective option is having a coach who actually knows who you are, gives you a holistic approach, and then offers you the accountability to actually do it. 

We will hold you accountable with weekly group coaching calls and check-ins.

We see you as a person and we maintain an intimate feel to our program, which means you are not falling through the cracks on our watch.

Gem Fitness is my ideal of tough love. I don’t take it personally when you tell me to show up more — bc I do. And you know when I need to take a step back and listen to my body. It’s trust and respect in a workout program like I’ve never experienced. 💛💛
Amanda W

Membership starts at only $47 a month!

You can pay separately for OT, Barre3, a gym membership, a trainer and a dietitian (in addition to needing child care) or you can get all of this in one place with no need to commute or find child care for less than $100 a month! 

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Gem Fit Squad

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Starting at only

$97 $47

per month

  • 5 classes a month (value: $60)
  • Weekly Group coaching calls to discuss mindset & nutrition (value: $148)
  • Accountability check-ins (value: priceless)
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Starting at only

$435 $99

per month

  • UNLIMITED classes (value: $240)
  • Class Replays (value: $47)
  • Weekly Group coaching calls to discuss mindset & nutrition (value: $148)
  • Accountability check-ins (value: priceless)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to commit to be successful?

This is totally dependent on you! Your daily tasks will take about 10 minutes. Workout classes are 30-45 min (a few are only 20 min). If working out 3 days a week for 30 minutes works for you, that’s great! If you want 5 days a week, that is cool, too! Just know that to “get your money’s worth” out of the live classes, you should aim for at least 1-2 live classes a week. 

And remember: a lot of the value in this program comes from the community, the support, and the coaching outside of the classes as well as the classes themselves.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Each class is different. We have plenty of classes where you don’t need any equipment at all. A very well rounded at-home gym that would allow you to attend all classes would have a booty band, a resistance band, a set of weights, a mat, and a suspension trainer. But, don’t get overwhelmed if you are starting with none. You can use body weight and household items to get yourself started.

PLUS: when you commit to 6 months, we are sending you some free goodies to help you get started building your at home gym, too!

If I sign up for a commitment, can I back out?

We know the commitment can be scary when trying  a new program, but it is also what makes our clients successful. To help ease your mind, we have built in a 2 week grace period. You have 2 weeks to decide if you want to continue or back out. You can choose to cancel and back out of the commitment completely at that point. Money will not be refunded, but your subscription will be canceled without penalty in those first 2 weeks. After the first 2 weeks, the commitment must be finished out in accordance to the terms of service (outlined on the checkout page)

I am trying to choose between 2 levels, what should I do?

You can always text us at 610-427-2611 or email us at if you want some assistance. Otherwise, I want you to consider: what do you really need to be successful? Look at the deliverables. For example: Do you need help with nutrition? If yes, would you benefit from a self-study nutrition program or a program where you get real face time with the Registered Dietician and private check in calls with your coach? If time with the RD and check ins with your coach are the answer, go with premium. If you feel confident doing it on your own, go with uplevel. 

A lot of times, I see women want to choose based on price (which is important), but if you need the support of the higher level, go with the higher level and then you can always make changes to your account to downgrade to a lower level for maintenance once you feel really confident in your habits (in accordance with the terms of service based on the commitment you choose)

Can I cancel or downgrade at any time?

Cancellations and downgrades can be made within the terms of service. If you are in a 3 month commitment, you can make changes in the 2 week grace period or after the 3 months is up. After the initial commitment, you can make any changes at any time. Cancellations need to be submitted in writing with 2 weeks notice. Upgrading your account can happen at any point in or after the commitment period.

Only a few of the live classes work for me, is it still worth signing up?

Heck yes!! You do not need to do a class every single day to be successful in the Gem Fit Squad. You should start with 1-2 live classes a week and then build from there. If you have an injury or an illness, you should be careful with classes (listen to your Dr.) and focus on the nutrition coaching, the community, the check-ins, the group calls, and all the other resources available to you outside of the classes. 

Yes, our program is built on the classes, but the value is in so much more than that. You can never attend a class and still get a butt-ton of value out of all the other things we give you as part of your membership.

I am a little nervous about being on video

That is totally okay and totally normal! Being on video is always an option. We encourage you to be on video so that we can coach you and give you form correction – this is what makes us so much different than a YouTube video, but if you are just not feeling it on your first couple of classes, start with the video off and build up to having it on. When you join this program, it is all about YOU and what YOU need. It is not about you fitting into some cookie cutter mold.

Can I be successful in the program if I have an injury or chronic pain?

We have built a couple different resources on how to manage pain and workout with injuries, but the most important part is picking the right classes and workouts (which we help you do once you’re in) and making sure you notify the instructor of the class of your injury or pain so that they can give you modifications. This is what makes us so much better than YouTube and pre-recorded videos. We can see you, give you personalized modifications, and we will be checking your form to decrease the chance of making pain worse.