What to eat before and after a workout

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It is important to be properly fueling your body before and after a workout. Eating before a workout will give you energy for the workout and eating the right thing can prevent feeling sick. Eating the right things after a workout will aid in muscle recovery and fat burning. 


The goal before your workout is to eat about 45 minutes to an hour before (this will give the food enough time to digest, so that it doesn’t upset your stomach). If you have the time to do this, I suggest a protein and a complex carb. For example: chicken and rice (half portions), turkey burger and half of a whole wheat bun, protein shake.

If you don’t have that much time before your workout you can stick to the real simple piece of whole wheat toast (boring, I know, but effective) or spoon full of PB. You can also have a half portion of your post workout protein right before a workout (the proper protein will be quick to digest)

Foods to avoid before your workout: fruit and dairy


After your workout, the not-so-great option is to not eat at all. You just burned most of your body’s energy storage from working out. In most workouts you are also experiencing some microtears in the muscle. You become stronger and burn the most calories after your workout by your body repairing this muscle and replenishing the energy storage, which is why refueling with food is so important.

Now, what should you eat? A really good option is whole food – protein and a carb specifically, but there is actually an even better option for quicker digestion that will jump start the recovery process faster.

This is the only time I suggest a supplement over whole food. When you have a hydrolyzed whey protein and a super simple, easily digested carb (mixed together), your body will start the recovery process a lot quicker because it will digest quicker than whole food.

My suggestion: 1 scoop hydrolyzed whey and 1/2 scoop of ignition (carb)

Vegan or dairy free? You can do a pea/rice protein blend with the carb source, easy fix.


When choosing a protein powder, remember this:

  • not all protein is the same (meal replacement vs. post workout). Meal replacement after a workout is okay, but post workout protein is the best option.
  • Make sure that your whey protein is low temperature processed (this speaks to quality because quality is important)
  • Any supplement company you invest your money into should be SQF certified. This is a third party quality food testing company that helps to ensure the safety of supplements due to the lack of FDA involvement.

Here is the protein I use personally and highly recommend. There are no other supplement companies that I affiliate with or endorse as part of my brand.

general site: 1stphorm.com/gemfitness

post workout stack (protein and carb sold together for discount) – https://1stphorm.com/products/post-workout-stack?a_aid=GemFitness

vegan protein option – https://1stphorm.com/products/vegan-power-pro/?a_aid=GemFitness

HAVE QUESTIONS? Need help with what to eat before or after a workout? Email me at coachsarah@gem-fitness.com

Have an awesome day, my beautiful friend!

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