Why protein is important when you are trying to lose weight

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Protein is arguable the most important macro for boosting metabolism and losing weight.


Protein helps to build muscle. This helps weight loss is 2 ways. First, the act of actually building muscle in the body requires calories to happen – aka more calories burned. Secondly, having that lean tissue on your body will help burn more calories over.


Protein is said to boost metabolism by 20-30% according to a lot of studies. Eating protein once in the morning will not do the trick for the whole day, though. It is important to eat quality protein sources throughout the whole day – spaced out about 2-3 hours – to maintain that metabolism boost. How does protein boost metabolism? Well, protein has more of a thermogenic effect on the body than carbs or fats. That just means that it requires calories to digest, process, and use the protein, which will in turn help boost metabolism and burn more fat.


Protein helps keep you anabolic throughout the day. Your body is forever in 1 of 2 states: catabolic or anabolic. Simply put: anabolic means your burning fat and building muscle and catabolic means your body is storing fat and likely burning muscle tissue for energy. So, needless to say we want to stay anabolic as much as possible throughout the day. The essential amino acids found in protein are crucial for staying anabolic, which is why it is important to eat a quality protein source every 2-3 hours, as mentioned above. Carbs and fats might put you anabolic for a little while (there is no exact time limit), but they will not work as well as protein.


Blog bonus: Protein is also responsible for helping you to feel full faster and longer. A meal high in quality protein will help to satisfy your hunger more efficiently and help to avoid feeling hungry right after eating said meal.


I very often see diets that are not getting sufficient amounts of protein, which can be problematic when trying to lose weight.


Make sure that you are getting enough protein!!


One trick that I have found works for me to get my protein no matter where I am or what I am doing is implementing a Level-1 slow assimilating protein shake. It tastes amazing, mixes well with just water, and I do not experience any bloat or upset stomach or gas. Click HERE for more information and for free shipping on Level-1!


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